Get Started!

The first step is to come by and watch a class!  Pick a day that works for you and come by a few minutes before class to get a chance to talk to the instructors and some of the students.  The dojo is generally open 30 minutes before class to give students a chance to change and stretch a bit.  Or just to talk to other students about technique or things they are working on in their own practice of Aikido.

A dojo community is somewhere that you will spend many hours training.  The class schedule and location all have to work for you.  You need to feel comfortable with the instructors and people training there.  At South Austin Aikido, we strive to provide a welcoming, friendly and safe environment to train.

Come and watch as many classes as you want.  There is no pressure to join.  Joining is something that has to be right for each student.

We also have free introductory classes for beginners.  Check our Calendar for the next scheduled class (generally about once a month).  You can also follow our Facebook page, which is regularly updated with upcoming events.

If you are ready to join, we are happy to help you sign up right there in the dojo.  You can pay by cash, check, or credit card (we also accept Apple Pay and Google Pay).  We have gis (training uniforms) in stock that the instructor can help you with.  And you can start same day if you are ready.  We have an introductory package that includes a gi and three months of training.