What does it cost?

Initial Dues:
New member are required to sign up for the first three months. This initial fee is at a discounted rate and includes a free training uniform (KI Mugen Gi).

Adults $200.00 for first three months (includes adult Gi)

Students/Military $180.00 for first three months (includes youth Gi and t-shirt)

Monthly Dues:
Adults $85.00/month

Students/Military $75.00/month

Family Discount:
South Austin Aikido offers discounts for families (2 or more people in the same household). Please contact us for further details.

Additional Costs:
Shimbokukai Membership, Adults $50/Year
Shimbokukai Membership, Kids $25/year

Adult Kyu Test Costs $50/Test
Kids Test Cost $25/Test

Recommended Equipment:
· Judo or Karate Gi (one Gi included with initial sign up).

· Bokken, Jo, Tanto (Optional: we have some available for student use)

· Shinai (leather covered) – This is optional but fun to train with in place of bokken.

· Hakama (Optional) – Should not be worn until after passing your first test, at a minimum.

Some weapons are available for use during Class but you will eventually want to obtain your own. These can be purchased from a variety of sources over the web. BuJin Design provides quality weapons and hakama.

We offer the KI Gi to members (adult $50.00, youth $30.00). The Gi can also be purchased over the web at KI International. We recommend the Heavy Weight 100% Cotton 10 oz. Canvas – Japanese Tournament Cut Uniform (Mugen Orange Label). Please see our LINKS page for more information or simply ask us and we will assist you in finding an acceptable Gi.