What does it cost?

Initial Dues:
New members can join at the monthly rate, or sign up for the first three months at a discounted rate which includes a training uniform (KI Mugen Gi).

Adults $200.00 for first three months (includes Gi)

Students/Military $180.00 for first three months (includes Gi)

Kids $125 for first three months (includes Gi).

Monthly Dues:
Adults $85.00/month

Students/Military $75.00/month

Kids $45/month

Family Discount:
South Austin Aikido offers discounts for families (2 or more people in the same household). This is typically about %10 off. Please contact us for further details.

Additional Costs:
Shimbokukai Membership, Adults $50/Year
Shimbokukai Membership, Kids $25/year

Adult/Teen Kyu Test Costs $50/Test
Kids Test Cost $25/Test

Recommended Equipment:
· Judo or Karate Gi (one Gi included with special sign up deal).

· Bokken, Jo, Tanto (Optional: we have some available for student use)

· Shinai (leather covered) – This is optional but fun to train with in place of bokken.

· Hakama (Optional) – Should not be worn until after passing your first test, at a minimum.

Some weapons are available for use during Class but you will eventually want to obtain your own. These can be purchased from a variety of sources over the web. BuJin Design provides quality weapons and hakama.

We offer the KI Gi to members, at cost. Our favorite gi is from KI International. We recommend the Heavy Weight 100% Cotton 10 oz. Canvas – Japanese Tournament Cut Uniform (Mugen Orange Label). Please see our LINKS page for more information or simply ask us and we will assist you in finding an acceptable Gi.