Jesse and Tony playing around before class

Jesse Spears throwing Tony Gaddis before class. The thumbs up at the end was attempting to get a confirmation from David that he actually got this video (we’ve had issues in the past ;).

Attacks: Mune tsuki

Techniques: Mostly Irimi nage (omote version), with a kote gaeshi in the middle.

Pronunciation and definitions:
* Mune tsuki: A punch to the midsection. Sounds like moo-nay-skee, although the last syllable starts with a barely audible “t” sound, which isn’t natural for most English speakers, so most people don’t pronounce it).

* Irimi: Entering. Sounds like ee-ree-mee.

* Nage: Throw. Sounds like naw-gay

* Omote: To the front, or in front of. Sounds like Oh-mo-tay (long O sounds).

* Uke: The attacker (or, literally, the one who is thrown). Sounds like oo-kay.

* Kote gaeshi: Wrist turning. Sounds like coat-tay-guy-she

So, irimi nage is an entering throw. Omote means it was to the front of uke.