At South Austin Aikido we have a wealth of instructors with varying backgrounds.  Each instructor brings something different to their classes, providing an opportunity for each student to hear and learn from a slightly different perspective.  All of the instructors donate their time.  There are no paid instructors at South Austin Aikido.

Todd Kammerer
Yondan (4th Dan), Head Instructor at South Austin Aikido

Todd Kammerer Sensei is the head instructor of South Austin Aikido. He began his Aikido training in 1999 along with his children, then began teaching in 2004.

Kammerer Sensei’s goal is first and foremost to remember that we are students first, constantly challenging our present understanding so that we may continually discover a deeper meaning and application of Aiki itself. Always looking for opportunities to grow on and off the mat through our practice with one another in this amazing art of Aikido.


Jesse Spears
Sandan (3rd Dan), Assistant Instructor at South Austin Aikido


Jesse’s first formal martial arts training was in Jhoon Rhee Tae Kwon Do, in college, with Master Steve Powell. After 3+ years of study (over 5 year period) he wandered away from Tae Kwon Do and dabbled in various martial arts, sports, and recreational fighting styles throughout the late 80’s and 90’s (Fencing, Archery, Won Hop Loong Chuan, Amtgard, Jiu Jutsu, Jeet Kun Do). He also practiced meditation, deep breathing and worked on centering and controlling his Chi throughout the 90’s.

Later on, he studied Tai Chi for a bit before discovering Aikido in 2002. He has been practicing Aikido steadily ever since.


Jay Lindholm
Sandan (3rd Dan), Assistant Instructor of South Austin Aikido


Jay Lindholm Sensei began his martial arts training in 1981. Following two years of training in a street fighting system “Kajukenbo”, he then spent eight years training in Tae Kwon Do. Lindholm Sensei taught at his own Tae Kwon Do school in Dallas, for two years prior to moving to Austin, Texas in 1989.

Lindholm Sensei started his aikido career in 1989 which has continued through today encompassing over 20+ years of consistent aikido practice. His motto is “just start wherever you are and get better from there.”


David Huffaker
Nidan (2nd Dan), Assistant Instructor at South Austin Aikido


David started his study of Aikido in 2008 after years of interest in the art.  He uses the philosophies of Aikido on an almost daily basis in his personal and professional life for negotiations, presentations, and conflict resolution.  David brings a lot of energy to the mat and is always happy to take ukemi.


Gilbert Hughes
Nidan (2nd Dan), Assistant Instructor at South Austin Aikido


After exploring a number of recreational arts such as boxing, judo, and wrestling, Gilbert began his Aikido training with his sons in the summer of 2006.  “Aikido is more than just a martial art, it’s a method of training our body and our mind to better handle the everyday stresses of life,” says Gilbert.

While continuing to learn and refine his skills, Gilbert enjoys teaching others and watching their confidence and skill  level grow as they learn to master the art.


Stephen Hughes
Shodan (1st Dan), Assistant Kid’s Class Instructor at South Austin Aikido


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Richard Moore
Shodan (1st Dan), Assistant Instructor at South Austin Aikido


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